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New in the collection of Classic Amsterdam seeds are the 100% Female...


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El Clandestino has worked hard on creating some new varieties to add to the classic seed collection...


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Time to update the 2001 El Clandestino seed packaging to current times. Better pictures...




Due to the duality of the Dutch Cannabis Laws we were forced to discontinue certain (less popular) strains in our selection.


Sister of White Widow One of our loveliest plants does not yield as well as we would like but this plant one can ski down. With an outstanding taste to be savored as your eyelashes meet. Also a good medical use plant. THC higher than most plants. One of the nicest looking and tasting plants around and an Amsterdam favorite.

Big Buddha
This is one of the oldest commercial flowers. The purpose of the big bud is yield. Big strong flowers with a lot of product. A favorite for the European growers who want big yields. Very easy to cut due to the large central buds! The big Buddha will flower in 8 weeks with a great skunky taste in quantity. By far the highest yielding plant, very disease resistant!

This heavy ganja was originally brought from America and than crossed by Dutch breeders. It makes extremely large flowers which produce an enormously amount of THC crystals. The plant is just completely covered in THC. A high yielding plant that looks and tastes great. Nice plant for the professional grower!

Fat Freddy's
Fat Freddy's favorite! This plant has a bit more weight than the widow and tastes slightly fruitier. The original white widow is crossed with one ofmost potent male: skunk nr 1. The buds are big and sticky with a nice sativa high. Very disease resistant. Not really high yielding but a very strong smoke tiny skinny leaves.

Indoor Mix
If you don’t know what strain to choose, and you prefer a nice mix of flavours and highs, then take this El Clandestino Indoor Mix. It consists of a selection of our best indoor strains. A little bit of everything!

Island Lady x Haze
This plant is a pure haze crossed with a skunk like mix. ISLAND LADY X HAZE, is a strong plant for almost all climates. Only the real cool countries out will have a second guess. This plant has maintained a high quality and a good quantity with a great taste. Flower within 8 weeks makes an excellent choice. This plant is a tetraploide kind, witch means that it shows sometimes female flowers in the splitting of the internodes which is unique.

Malawi x Skunk
A pure variety, never hybridized, imported from Africa and than crossed with Dutch skunk. Very broad leaves like a real Indica. Heavy buds with lots of resin. Some plants turn purple/reddish at harvest time. Rather high flower to leaf ratio. Aroma and flavor are heavy. Very strong high. Average yields. Crossed with skunk so very disease resistant.

Natural Mystic
This is our new generation power plant crossed with the natural mystic. High is exceptional. Richly covered in crystal with hard dense flowers and sticky. Flowering in 8 weeks with fragrant taste, great for indoor growing, one of the elclandestinos crew favorite.

Orange Bud is a strong flavored plant that remains short and bushy and produces great crystal. It is a sister of the orange bud, the plant tends to have loads of reddish hairs covering the buds. Flowering in 8 weeks with a fruity taste makes her great.

Skunk 44
A mix of the original Skunk and the classic Top 44. This is a production plant with a sweet flavour and big yields. Skunk 44 is one of our fastest flowering plants and can be ready in only 6 weeks. Strong and easy to handle, making it a good choice for beginners as well as pro’s.

If you have questions regarding the selection, orders & delivery or for distribution info please contact the El Clandestino office






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